Prepping your cloth nappies: All the questions answered

Prepping your cloth nappies is easy. Here is the short sweet version in our Apikali Nappy Knowledge.

Prepping cloth nappies is easy. There I said it again. The less you over-complicate it, the better. Just like your washing routine.
At Apikali we recommend the following steps.
1. Separate covers and absorbent inserts.
2. Place absorbent inserts in a bucket, bath or sink over night in warm water.
3. Wash as manufacturer instructions with the covers/shells
4. Hang to dry in the sun.
We find that this is the most water saving and quickest way to increase absorbency to about 60%.
Many locations in Australia are on water restrictions or households are trying to save water. We prefer if you don’t wash them 5-8 times to increase absorbency. Its a big use of electricity and water, plus your time.
The other really earth friendly option is to wash them once. Start using them, knowing they wont be at full absorbency, and wash as normal. This way you will get into it cloth nappy usage faster, use less water and learn about the importance of absorbency
I do wonder though if you have any other tips on prepping cloth nappies?
Your cloth Dr

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3 thoughts on “Prepping your cloth nappies: All the questions answered

  1. I do like to wash my inserts a few times before use due to some embarrassing leaks from poorly prepped nappies! The way I do it without using a lot of water is by washing them in with either the nappies I’m already using or a load of clothes (as they are clean anyway). I can do about at a time this way ☺

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