Pocket Cloth Nappies Tips and Tricks: Part 4

Here is a great list of pocket cloth nappies tips and tricks:

  1. If the inserts are NOT made of microfibre you can use your pocket nappy like an AI2. You can even save more money by purchasing extra inserts and reusing the shell.
  2. Boosting can be placed inside the pocket or on top. You dont always have to stuff it in.
  3. Laying the cloth nappy flat can help with stuffing.
  4. When removing solids, make sure the pocket is facing up, so that you dont end up with it all in the pocket!
  5. Sometimes turning the pocket inside out can help with drying them faster, particularly if they have a sewn in microfibre lining.
  6. The pocket on these cloth nappies come in several places, they can be open one end, open both ends or form a little hole just down from the top of the nappy.
  7. When washing, always ensure your inserts are taken out.
  8. Make sure your velcro tabs are placed on the washing tabs.

Do you have any other pocket cloth nappies tips or tricks?

That concludes our 4 part series of Pocket Cloth Nappies at Apikali.

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