Pocket Cloth Nappies: Part 1 – Definitions

Pocket cloth nappies are the most popular type of nappy made and used. Why?

It is the easiest cloth nappy to make for WAHMs and manufacturers, and if the design is just right, they are super easy to stuff and customise for your baby.

Here is the start of our 4-part introduction to Pocket Cloth Nappies 101. These are the parts you will read over the coming weeks.

Part 1: Definitions
Part 2: Materials
Part 3: Apikali packages and brand reviews
Part 4: Tips, tricks and other uses.

Definitions: Pocket cloth nappies have a pocket at the back or front or both for inserting the absorbency layers. They can be one size or sized. Once size cloth nappies are the most popular. Velcro or snaps can be used to secure the nappy around the waist.

One size pockets can be sized through the leg elastic, snaps located on teh front or through the side wings.

Nifty Naps pocket Cloth Nappies

When we talk about the ‘rise’ of the cloth nappy, it is the height of the nappy at the back. On some babies, the rise can be short or long depending upon the brand. Read the reviews on pocket brands to see what other parents are saying about the rise.

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The ‘crotch’ is the part between the legs. And the ‘wings’ or ‘flaps’ are the side parts that wrap around the waist.

Care: Like all cloth nappies, wash pocket cloth nappies in a cloth nappy safe laundry product (lots to choose from at Apikali). Hang to dry in the sun or tumble dry on low. Their absorbency will also increase with each wash, and after 5-8 washed they will then be at maximum.

Pocket cloth nappies can be dry pailed. Place them loosely in a bucket or wetbag. Ensure you take the inserts out of the pocket for efficient cleaning. Don’t roll them up, as it will stretch the elastics.

Before putting in the washing machine make sure of the following:

  1. Velcro are attached to their washing tabs.
  2. All inserts are out of the pocket.
  3. Solid matter flushed down the toilet.
  4. Any stains attended too.

When hanging to dry, make sure the pocket cloth nappies are hung from their top and bottom tabs, so they are hung side ways.

So what have we learnt from this first lesson about pocket cloth nappies? They are the most common cloth nappy around and come in a range of styles and fastenings. Next lesson we will talk about materials used in cloth nappies, as this is quite expansive.

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