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A Pillowcase Bag Makes a Perfect Shopping Tote

I recently discovered a community charity group called Boomerang Bags through Brooke at Eco Parents Australia. Their mission is to produce reusable shopping bags from materials in a process called sustainable sewing. What a wonderful idea! Here is my first attempt at making a pillowcase bag from odd pillowcases.

Sustainable sewing involves using materials that would otherwise be discarded to make reusable shopping bags. So you know that hoard of material sitting in your back cupboard. It can be used to make reusable bags for any purpose. I went scrounging in my back cupboard, looking at my range of materials and to my shock, there was not much. I seem to have a bunch of weird stuff, like a rolls of surfing body suit material, or netting or sparkly material. None of these were useful for making reusable bags. My next stop was the linen press, and voila! Some odd bod pillowcases were found. And these I have turned into pillowcase bags.

Presented below is my process in making the pillowcase bags.

pillowcase bag

Now I must be honest. If you have been following my journey as a carer to my Abbey, I had to find some shortcuts to this very simple sewing activity. For the last two bags I made:

  1. I did not hem the pocket, but sewed it straight onto the outside.
  2. I did not iron the hems before sewing the main pocket of the bag.
  3. I didn’t trim the box corners.
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I’m now really comfortable with my shortcuts, as I was able to enjoy sewing again, completely make a pillowcase bag AND care for Abbey. How cool is that?!

Now tell me, have you made a reusable bag before and how did it go?

Would you consider beginning your sustainable sewing community through Boomerang Bags?

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