Outgrown One Size Cloth Nappy? Step in the humble the pre-fold

The day has finally come, my little girl has outgrown one size cloth nappy before outgrowing their use. Like many thrifty mums out there, I liked the idea of having the one lot of nappies throughout her years of needing them. I do have some sized nappies (only one large at the moment) and use mostly sized covers on my fitteds but the bulk of my stash is OSFM. While there are a few generously sized OSFM that I am still using (Baby Beehind Magic All, Ezy Peezy, Nifty Naps and GroVia Hybrid), they are not quite enough for a day wearing, a day in the wash and a day drying – especially in winter.

We were down to the last snap fitting, however, I was hoping the toilet training would serendipitously be successful as she outgrew her nappies. I guess it’s like hoping I am going to win the lottery! So at 26 months, I was faced with the dilemma of having to buy larger nappies and then not using them for very long.

During my hopeful/procrastinating phase of ill-fitting nappies I worked at the Brisbane PBC Expo and I spent two days extolling the virtues of GroVia’s AIO, Hybrid and their pre-folds. I didn’t use prefolds, however, by the end of the expo I was pretty convinced they would make an excellent addition to any stash for a number of reasons:  

  1. They dry quickly
  2. You don’t have to worry about elastics – more durable
  3. Can adjust the fold to account for size, shape and toileting
  4. Much more affordable – ranging from $4 – $9 each at Apikali
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My lightbulb moment didn’t occur at the expo (I often need a bit of percolating time) but a week or so ago when I was on the last snap of my fitted OSFM on and then easily getting the cover on, I realised what I needed was a pre-fold. Looking through the options on Apikali was easy because Tennille has these awesome brand comparison charts. I wanted something quick drying (winter) but also absorbent, came in a large size. That narrowed it down to GroVia and BioBums high absorbent insert for me as they are both a cotton blend. I decided to try the GroVia first just because they came in a pack of three and I can increase absorbency if I need using the inserts from my fitted OSFM.

outgrown one size cloth nappy

It’s a funny thing, how you can get stuck in one way of thinking just because that’s what you have always done. For me, cloth nappying my first baby was a bit daunting so I went with a mix of AI2/pockets/fitteds as they seemed the easiest. But they were no longer meeting my needs and I have embraced the flexibility of the pre-fold. For $20 I have essentially gotten three large cotton/bamboo nappies which would have otherwise cost me around $75 if I stayed with my AI2/pocket/fitted ways*. And after using them for a couple of weeks now, I am a total convert. There will be more pre-folds in my stash if I have another baby that is for sure.

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Sal x

* note that I did not have to buy any large sized covers as already using them for my fitteds.

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