Our Apikali Manifesto

We are passionate about what we wish to achieve at Apikali. My time is jam packed as a mum, carer and business owner. Does it mean I’m time-poor? No.

I ask for help when I need, I outsource when I’m ready and I love to work with other women looking for a different way of existing.

That being said, I took a moment to put together a little video or manifesto about what I believe Apikali is all about. It about why I do what I do. And its about my goals.

My passions and goals are dynamic, and not stuck in space or time. Its not perfect, but its clear.

So this is what we do at Apikali.

Apikali’s purpose is to support and encourage eco-conscious families in making small changes that have cumulative, positive effects on budgets and lifestyles. We strive to accomplish this purpose by:

– Providing a choice of reliable, reusable and modern products,

– Sharing our knowledge and experience, and

– Inviting families to join us on our journey to a simpler, less-wasteful life.

What shining goal do you have?

cloth nappy doctor

The Cloth Nappy Doctor

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