Our 2017 Dreams

2016 is coming to a close. Personally, I will be glad to close 2016 and move into 2017.

My year started hard… my Nan passed away. She knew me for all of my life. A beautiful and gentle lady who inspires me to care and challenge myself or others.

My Abbey’s condition become unpredictable, making it tougher to manage. We seem to have some respite and predictability as we end 2016.

Our business, Apikali began with just me. At one point, just two years in, you would have seen me on the floor with James, crying. Crying because it had grown too big. I was unable to keep up with our customers, and I believe in providing my best. Doing my best. Then learning from the experience.

At that time, I looked outwards for assistance, instead of expecting too much of myself. Only a few years in, Sally joined us, then Trudy ¬†for customer service. This year I’m thankful my closest friends are with me on this journey. Without them, this year would have been lonely and seen Apikali suffer. They helped me keep Apikali pumping along so we could continue assisting you with your needs.

Within our family, we have employed more assistance for Abbey and worked closely with school and our medical team to provide the best supports for her.

As we end 2016, its not all sadness or frustration, I promise. There was so much unexpected joy and cheerful challenges. Without our support network, it would not have been possible. Here are a few of the things we achieved:

  • I volunteered to become the President of my daughters P&C Committee. It has presented some challenges, but I have met some wonderful mothers and fathers who are fast becoming solid friends.
  • We started our Cloth Nappy Doctor Chats Facebook group and it continues to grow and blossom. Its a place to learn, to discuss. No judgments are made on your family decisions, only suggestions on how it could be simpler, better or eco.
  • We launched our first Apikali Bundle, with another in the planning stages for January 17.
  • We started planning for our new Apikali Warehouse premises. 2017 we are hoping we move in.
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This year has also reaffirmed for me that my life is intertwined between Apikali and my family. Its not possible to separate the two. Ill check into the Group while waiting to see the neurologist for Abbey. The boys will assist me in picking and packing orders, but also managing stock coming in. And the way we structure Apikali to assist our customers revolves around the most efficient and personal way we can provide advice or solutions, within our family circumstances. We are not normal, we push the boundaries.

2017 looks to be a year of consolidation. We will be open 5 years in 2017, and Apikali was a 5 year adventure. We have achieved our goals, now we have the joy of choosing how we plan for the next 5 years. Our promises to you will stay the same (read more here). We have formed beneficial relationships with suppliers that ensures continuity of supply and fabulous products and offers for you. I look forward to building these networks further.

We also look forward to building our own brands, including Swipes Washable Wipes, Bummis and Breastest. To keep adding value and sharing our offerings to you.

And as I wiggle on my seat, we are excited about starting our Simply Cloth brand and welcoming Funky Fluff cloth nappies to Australia. Simply Cloth will be here from Jan 7.

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And for my family, all my kids are at school in 2017. This presents a very rare opportunity for me to build Apikali are a more rapid pace. To plan, try and to achieve. It also means James and I can work on home projects. You know the ones that would be nice to get done, but young children require your attention!

For Abbey and I, 2017 still means more experimentation to manage seizures. However with more stability, I hope to venture out more with my girl and share the world with her.

Apikali is the centre of this beautiful circle. Our family and your family share this journey with us. Even if its for a brief moment, or a long time association.

Happy New Year


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