All in One cloth nappies: Part 3 Brands at Apikali

This week we are into Part 3 of All in One (AIO), the brands we carry at Apikali. This allows us to show you where each AIO cloth nappy sits in our range and how they can benefit you, depending upon your budget and lifestyle.

The brands we have at Apikali are road tested, not just by us, but by a range of parents and babies. These are the most popular, value-for-money brands available. Remember choosing a style and brand of cloth nappy is not solely about purchasing the most popular or what your friends are using. Its about find the right one, just for your baby and the way you live day to day. Cloth nappies are SO much easier and even addictive when you find the one thats right for you.

So here we go, the brands at Apikali:


Baby Beehinds is the old school AIO cloth nappy. The microfibre component is sewn into the microsuede layer. They also have a pocket where a bamboo insert is included for additional absorption or boosting. Baby Beehinds is very popular as it is a great fit and quality material and make. This cloth nappy is sized however, so they range from newborn to XL.

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Pikapu is a cloth nappy that is totally unique and OSFM. The Pikapu has the absorbent layers sewn onto the cloth nappy via a tongue. Pikapus are made from microfibre/Bamboo and microfleece, which means extremely absorbent and soft. They currently come in a great range of colours in PUL. Big tip though, ensure that the wash tabs are secured during washing as the velcro can become caught to everything. It is very strong velcro!

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And finally, the Bummis AIO. This is a cut above the rest cloth nappy, and also the company. Bummis make products using organic cotton. Their AIO is all organic cotton with a PUL outer and OSFM. They are very absorbent and you can easily add boosting without compromising trimness. They incorporate a pocket opening at the back of the nappy to ensure any boosters are kept in place. Like the Pikapu, the absorbency layers are sewn into the cloth nappy via a tongue. This tongue is a great invention as it dramatically reduces drying time.


So AIO cloth nappies are usually the more expensive option, BUT and this is the big BUTT (ha!) they are very convenient and the sewing required is more intense with the sewn in tongue to reduce drying time.

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So when someone advises, ‘Dont go AIOs, they take forever to dry!’, you can say, ‘No they dont, they have a sewn in tongue!!’.

Personally, I love the AIO cloth nappies that are now available. When I began, the AIO cloth nappy was a thick and bulky nappy that took forever to dry.

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