There is no such thing as the ‘best night time cloth nappy’.

dear apikal best night time nappyOne of our most common questions at Apikali is…”What is the best night time cloth nappy? “

We honestly reply with there is no such thing. What works for one baby will not work for another. Why? Each child has different output content and volume. After four kids, I can confirm with smell and touch that each of my kids have different output. We have designed the perfect night time cloth nappy for them each time.

There are many popular night time cloth nappies available, but they are not guaranteed to work if their design and materials are not perfect for your cherub. Please keep your mind open when shopping for your night time cloth nappy for your baby, don’t be swayed by promises of x number of layers of bamboo or will last 12 hours. There is no way to know if this is right for you child, if you have not tried it. Here is why I say that:

– Abbey only used the Baby Beehinds Fitted cloth nappy at night, she did not need boosting. Even to this day, we place a boosted prefold in her cover when we cloth nappy at night.

– Danny needed bamboo, so we added a Baby Beehinds trifold to the Baby Beehinds Fitted cloth nappy.

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– Nate outgrew the fitted nappies and needed larger/high rise cloth nappies. We used a older brand that the Rawr cloth nappies design is now based upon, but we added more boosting. It was a mixture of microfibre on top of bamboo. Nate needed the quick absorption at night and a stay dry layer. He also needed exceptional leak protection against those loose poos, so we turned to the Pikapu as it has microfleece for grip and a double gusset.

– Ali has been more of a challenge with acidic wees, lots of wee and the odd poo. Bamboo has been a complete flop for Ali, because it does not absorb the wees fast enough, it has caused blisters and irritation on his skin. The bamboo also disintegrated very quickly. His perfect combination is cotton on top of wool or bamboo. We will also use a stay dry layer of microfleece, not suede as it seems to not rub as much.

Too much information? I hope so. Each of our kids were different and if I did not allow for that and persisted with the fitted cloth nappy for Ali, he and I would be a little insane now.

So there is no perfect cloth nappy that suits every child. How do you start the process though? Is it really that hard?

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No its not. Its a matter of elimination of materials/styles based upon baby and your needs as their parent baby.

Start here with the Apikali Omnibus on Night Time cloth nappying

Then pop across here to see what may suit you from our selection.

If you still need assistance or confirmation before purchasing, pop us an email to chat to us. There are 8 children in our mix of mums at Apikali, even more once we talk to our brands. A wealth of knowledge open for you.

Comment below what your perfect night time solution is and why? Tell us and our readers why its perfect for your little one.

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