Night Time Cloth Nappy Journey with Sally

Not long ago, Sally, our Social Media Manager, decided to begin her Night Time Cloth Nappy Journey with Apikali. She hired a Night Time Library Pack and off she went. She shared the opening of her arrival parcel and what she might expect to achieve in the video below and a blog article.

During week one, Sally took us through her first impressions of each night time cloth nappy in the pack (link), including the Baby Beehinds night nappy and Close Pop in. Sally shared her challenges with having a chubby baby who is front sleeper. The night time cloth nappies she thought would work, did not do so great. While ones she thought would be difficult, turned out to be just right. The biggest lesson she learnt, was that her little girl will sleep through the night in cloth nappies, no matter what her fears were about night time cloth nappies.

During week two, the last week of the night time cloth nappy hire from Apikali, and shared these top tips to ensure you obtain the most out of using night time cloth nappies (link).

I was serious about using cloth every night I had the library but it didn’t happen. There are a few things I would do differently next time to help me get more out of a library hire:

  •  Remove any single use from the baby’s (or in my case toddler’s) room. If they are not within reach, they are not easier. 
  •  Word up the other nappy changer in the household and get them on board or make it easy for them (and me for that matter) to put on. In my case this would involve doing any prep with additional boosting or laying out prefold in the cover before we are at the change table for the final change of the day (well, what we think will be the final change of the day).
  •  Alternate between nappy styles you are familiar with and ones you are not so sure of rather than saving the ones you are not so sure about to the end, where they can be put off or not used at all if the return date sneaks up.
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Sally also shared her thoughts about each style and brand of cloth nappy she trialed in the video below.

What can you take away from Sally’s journey into night time cloth nappies? There is not a one-size-fits-all approach to using cloth nappies at night. It can be necessary to trial different styles and brands of night time cloth nappies. And even when you find the perfect nappy, your baby can change shape or output. You can experience setbacks due to illness for you or baby. Sally shared her final experiences in a heartfelt blog.

Should you stop? NO. Here are the Cloth Nappy Doctors top tips for night time success:

  1. Ensure you have at least 4 options for a night time cloth nappy, just in case you have a pooper at bed time.
  2. Have a range of different absorbency options you can rotate around. For example if bub is teething and wees are potentially smelly, switch to cotton and hemp.
  3. Its not an all or nothing. Cloth nappies at night give you an option. If you use cloth nappies majority of the time, then disposables are an option you can consider when bub is ill or you run out of night time options.
  4. Be flexible, be open to trialing different styles, absorbency and materials. Bamboo may not be the best option for your baby.
  5. If you are stuck, ask for help.
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I would love to hear how your journey into night time cloth nappies occurred. What was the reason you started? How did you fair? What is your number one tip to help other parents on this path?

Chat soon,

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