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During August in our Cloth Nappy Doctor Chats Facebook Group we discussed different night time brands and how to boost a night time cloth nappy. The range of night time brands available can be very confusing. They range from all-in-one cloth nappies to fitteds to just boosting an all-in-two style. We discussed different types of covers to go over fitteds and standard day cloth nappies. Alot was learnt by everyone.

Watch the discussion below about different night time brands. Also learn how to boost your current day time cloth nappy.


We learnt boosting standard day time cloth nappies is usually sufficient for an average wetting baby. Adding a bamboo trifold provides just enough absorbency for a 10 to 12 hours of sweet sleep. Even adding a wool booster under all those layers, can just tip a day time cloth nappy into a powerful night time brand.

If you have a darling who out-wets a day time cloth nappy, its important to upgrade to a fitted cloth nappy. There are several night time brands that produce an absorbent night time nappy including, Baby Bare, Bummis and Baby Beehinds.

Add a PUL cover or wool soaker to your fitted cloth nappy for great leakage protection.

If you have any questions regarding your current set up for night time or wish to get started, join us in our Facebook Group.

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