Newborn Cloth Nappies: The oh so cute factor!

baby beehinds pocket cloth nappy

Having a new baby is so … just goo goo and lovely! Let us take you through the world of newborn cloth nappies.

We are approached by many parents wanting to use cloth nappies from birth. Like many of the One Size Fits Most (OSFM) or Incontinence Aids – Children bigger nappies, they are overwhelmed by the range and the choice they need to make. Add this on top of choosing a pram, a cot, the hospital and the clothes, its just all too much.

But also many of the OSFM or small size cloth nappies dont fit from birth, as your newborn needs to weight at least 4kg and have a little bit of chubbiness to fill out the leg holes and waist. So this is where newborn cloth nappies come into their own.

Newborn (inc Premmie) nappies are usually designed to fit premmie babies up to average newborns, have a great fit around legs and tummy and allow for the umbilical cord clamp with a snap down front. They also have double gussets or frilly edges to help contain those poo-splosions.

Styles available:

All-in-one cloth nappies are just like a disposable. There is not stuffing or snapping. You put it on, you take it off and put in the bucket. If your baby is breastfed, there is no need to even rinse. Breastfed poos come out in the wash.

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Prefold/flat and cover are a more diverse option, due to the range of covers available and the range of materials for the prefolds. There are double gusset covers, velcro closing or snap. Materials for prefolds range from cotton, organic cotton, hemp and bamboo, and any combination of these together. Due to the great folds available you can perfect the cloth nappy to suit your childs needs. Prefolds and covers provide you with more choice, not necessarily more work. Like the AIOs you dry pail after changing.

How many do you need?

Well as a general rule, 24 are needed for full time use if washing everyday, and you can get them dry within a day. 36 changes is more acceptable as you have some spare when the little one wants to poop 5 times in the day instead of once AND allows for drying time.

Remember for every cloth nappy you use, it is saving you money from not using a disposable. So even if you bought 12 for use only at home and during the day, you will save some money. It will also give you the confidence to then go onto the OSFM most nappies.

At Apikali we offer a great range of newborn cloth nappies to suit your needs and budget. But did you know we also provide a Nappy Library our Newborn Hire Scheme?

newborn hire program at apikali

newborn hire program at apikali

You have a choice of Gently Used or New newborn cloth nappies. It will save you some money in those first few weeks and we provide a discount on the weekly hire of our Novice Pack.

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Have a look and remember, chat to us about your options.

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