My Lil Ice Pops Review

It’s summer time!! Bring out the togs, hats, sunnies, sunscreen, towels and most importantly your icy-poles! Who doesn’t like a cold icy-pole on a hot summer’s day? They are the perfect afternoon treat.

As you would be aware though, after you have bought your child or grandchild an icy-pole a few times, the dollars start to add up. Are you worried about the ingredients that are inside these icy-poles too? Or are you finding it hard to get your child to eat their daily fruit, vegetables or even have a class of milk?

Well I have a solution for you. To help solve these issues Apikali is now selling ‘My Lil Ice Pops’. They are the perfect alternate to the store bought ones.

Now let me explain why they are.

This new product is 100% FD approved, is dishwasher and freezer safe and can be used again and again. Unlike store bought versions, the silicon moulds are a lot warmer on a child’s hand and are unable to bite through the silicon, so there is no need to worry about you child eating the paper. The best thing about this product … YOU control what goes inside them. This is a great opportunity to sneak extra fruit, veggies and dairy without your child realising. The My Lil Ice Pops are available in four funky designs; rainbow, blue waters, sunset and strawberry delight.

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my lil pouch

How do you use them?

It’s really easy. Just fill them up with your desired ingredients and place them in the freezer until they are frozen. Once they are ready and your child has eaten the icy-pole, just place it into your dishwasher and then repeat the process again.

They are only $12.00 and are able to be used endless times, think about all the money you will save. Remember that by using this product you will be helping to reduce the carbon footprint and feel good about using this product!

I have provided you with some recipes I think will taste really nice in the My Lil Ice Pops. I have accommodated for; gluten free, vegan and dairy free. Please visit our Pinterest page as well, as this has a lot more recipes too.

I hope you have fun making these recipes and I look forward to hearing about your adventures with the My Lil Ice Pops.


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