Less is More for 2013

So this morning my kids point out there are 19 sleeps to Christmas. We are no longer counting down in the twenties. There is one week left of school, then holidays, then Christmas, than New Year, then my oldest boy starts Prep, Abbeys starts Year 2… And before I know it, my mind is at Christmas 2013! AAHHH!

Live in the moment, Tennille. Please! I tell myself. And I generally do, especially with my daughter Abbey. You have to live in the moment with Abbey to get the most out of life.

I’m thinking about all of my plans for Apikali next year. I have the most wonderful support from my suppliers and now my growing base of Amazing Parents. Its time to expand and bring more to you and achieve my goals earlier. But then this has me thinking about my family. Its easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of Apikali, because it is my pet project, its my accomplishments. And as a mum, we all know how we can loose ourselves in the care and love we give our kids. I have achieved my previous 5 year goal of finding purpose in my life, and this has been achieved through Apikali.

So what about my family?

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I have now grown as a person, and now I can give MORE to my family. But in trying to decide on what that MORE is, I cant think of anything. Its Christmas soon, do I give more toys, more food, more clothes? That does not sit comfortably with me. It does not express my love or admiration for my family.

So maybe in the New Year we go on a holiday, a BIG holiday? … Why? I have nothing to escape from. I am happy at home with my family. Plus going on holidays with 4 kids under 7, and one with special needs, is a marathon in logistics and patience.

MORE means LESS for me. Its a wonderful realisation. It means less stuff, less spending time and energy on things that are not important to my family, less worrying about other peoples negative comments and opinions and less sweating the small stuff.

That in turn means MORE time, love, patience and energy for my family.

Christmas and 2013 means more love and joy for my family as they approach. I’m not going to worrying about those things above.

What do you want more of in 2013? What are you sweating about as Christmas approaches?

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