How to Size a OSFM Cloth Nappy

This blog post is inspired by Dirty Diaper Laundry. But I want to add some Aussie to it and my own experiences with one size cloth nappies. How to size a OSFM cloth nappy.

Now lets have a fact first about children. They change shape as they grow, particularly in those first 2 years. They get chubbier, then skinny, then tall. Plus their bodies are all out of proportion. A big head with a short torso. Its just humankind.
With this in mind, lets now look at how a one size cloth nappy should fit at each stage. We will show you how to size a OSFM cloth nappy.
The Newborn Look

At this stage the cloth nappy will be on the smallest setting. There will be more fabric on the front of the nappy due to sizing down. Whats a bit of bulkiness for the money saved? The nappy will be above their belly button, that is normal. Here are some pictures for you to see the fit.

how to size a osfm cloth nappy - newbornhow to size a osfm cloth nappy - newborn
The First 3 Months
The first three months of cloth nappying will see the nappy on the smallest or first size setting. Babies are usually not too chubby, however the weight will be starting to show around those kissable thighs! The nappy will sit above or just on the belly button.
Around 6 Months Look
This is the time before they start crawling or moving. This is also the time they are their chubbiest, those gorgeous rolls of baby fat. That tubby tummy that you blow raspberries on and they giggle endlessly. Oh its a beaut age.
It is also the time when parents start to panic that their cloth nappy is too small. Let me put your mind to ease, its not too small. At this stage the nappy will be on the second or middle size setting and you may find that you have to leave more room on the front as you cannot do it up as tight. But here is the big one, the nappy will sit below the belly button. Here are some pictures for you.
how to size a osfm cloth nappy - one yearhow to size a osfm cloth nappy - one year
Moving Around Look
They have started moving, they are starting to loose that gorgeous baby fat. The nappy will still be on the middle settings or the second largest, but it will start to be tighter around the waist. The nappy will still be below the belly button.
Movers and Groovers Look
Your little one is no longer a baby. They are moving, running, walking and keeping you on your toes. At this stage the nappy will usually stay on the same settings until they toilet train. The nappy is more like undies, it sits further down their waist. Their torso is longer, and so are their legs. You may find that you are doing it up tighter around the waist.
Ensure you continue to pull the nappy up through the groin area so you dont get plumbers crack. Here are some pics to show you how it should look.
how to size a osfm cloth nappy - walkinghow to size a osfm cloth nappy - walking
If you need more information here is a great video from Dirty Diaper Laundry.
What stage is you baby at? Can you add anything to how to size a OSFM cloth nappy?
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