How to hang your cloth nappies: 5 things you need to know

how to hang your cloth nappiesLets hang your cloth nappies. Ready? Take that washing basket out to your washing line or clothes horse and lets get started. How to hang your cloth nappies is easy with these tips.

We have found these tips great for parents who have cloth nappies from lots of brands in their collection.
Lets reduce drying time and increase the longevity of your nappies. Here are our top tips.
1. Hang your shells or AIOs from the side. Peg the top and bottom tabs.
2. Hang prefolds from the top for maximum drying exposure.
how to hang your cloth nappies
3. Hang inserts from the shortest side, so that the longest part gets all the sun and breeze.
4. If your insert has elastic, like Close and Grovia, hang them from the side to save those elastics from stretching.
how to hang your cloth nappies
5. Point your inserts towards the sun for maximum sanitising and bleaching potential from the powerful sun. See our previous blog on the magic of the sun.
What other tips do you have? Share with our community of cloth nappying parents.
cloth nappy doctor chat soon
PS. Thats my nappy stash for Abbey and Ali a few years ago. 2 to 3 washing lines everyday for my angels and these techniques have kept my nappies going strong for many years and children.

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