Heavy Wetters and Night Time Cloth Nappies Explained

heavy wetter and night time cloth nappies Heavy wetters and Night time cloth nappies are the biggest cause of concerns for most cloth using parents. There is a solution for every child I promise. I was a bit dubious as well to be honest when I had my first baby. In my experience you will achieve much better success with a dedicated night nappy. They are made specifically for nights so they have much more boosting and the shell is designed slightly larger than normal to allow for extra boosting. There are a few different systems you can try and each will suit different people.


My own system was for my heavy wetters and night time cloth nappies were fitted night nappy with a cover and then a pair of wool shorties/longies/cover over that. My second daughter was an extremely heavy wetter and this was the only system that worked for us. A fitted night nappy had a lot of boosting in the nappy but also because the outer has no pul or fleece the entire nappy can absorb liquid. The cover kept most of the moisture from “leaking out” and the wool/fleece was the last line of defense (and is amazing for keeping babies clothing dry). We almost never had any damp clothing or beds in the morning.

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You can use a daytime nappy at night if there is enough room to boost it further with a good quality trifold or night booster. You need to be extra careful and look for any gaps around bubs legs when the nappy is on and done up. Gaps equal leaks however if you have a very small gap you can still team the nappy with a wool or good quality (preferably winpro) fleece cover.

heavy wetters and night time cloth nappies

There are dedicated regular night nappies which work fantastic if your baby is not a super heavy wetter (most children fall into this category). But if you are finding a boosted day nappy or a dedicated standard night is still overflowing in the morning then you will need even more help. Look for lots of layers preferably bamboo, hemp or microfiber mostly as these are the thirstiest fabrics. And for the heaviest wetters a fitted nappy really is the best choice. I would still recommend a wool or fleece cover even with the AI2 just for that extra protection for bubs clothing and bed clothes.

To do fulltime night nappies you need two nappies at the minimum but three is better in case the second doesn’t dry in time or you have an extra day between washes. One to two wool or fleece covers is ample however as you do not need to wash these daily.

There is a night time solution for every baby, sometimes we just need to try a few things to find the best result. Tell us about your successes for heavy wetters and night time cloth nappies.

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  1. Hello – I have a 5 month old who I think is a heavy wetter – we’ve just found some good night nappy options that seem to work – sandmans with wool cover. I weighed nappy this morning and seems there was a 300 gram weight gain overnight. Just curious – would you classify this as heavy ? What’s a common or average amount of weight gain / mls of wee???

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