Happy New Year from 2017

During the Festive Season, here’s to….
… a late Christmas Eve as the kids just wont sleep to allow you to finish up.
… an EXTRA early morning welcoming the joy of Santa and the Reindeers with your children (there are still at least 12 hours to go!)
… a slightly burnt home-made fruit cake, that still tastes perfect in the middle. Cut the sides off, no one will know!
… a glass of wine had a little earlier, to manage over-excited children.
… forgetting a present for someone and regifting one you received earlier in the week.
… so much wrapping paper, and accidentally throwing out someones gift, then rummaging through the garbage for it.
… forgetting an extra pack of batteries for an unexpected gift from a relly who thought it would be funny to find the noisiest toy in the shop. Maybe those extra batteries are not needed today!
… an extra glass of wine before Christmas dinner.
… spending time with relatives and friends you only see once a year, but it seems like yesterday.
… to stopping at the end of the night with a favourite drink, dessert, a show and smile at all the fabulous memories made.
… the best Christmas so far.

Every year we look back on where we have come from, and 2017 was jam packed. We took a leap and changed our business to better suit our family circumstances and to concentrate on those products that are our biggest sellers. Six months on and it was the right decision. 2018 looks to be even bigger and MORE FUN.

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And dont forget my trip to the USA for the ABC Kids expo where I had the privilege of meeting many of our suppliers. It was too much fun. Check out the upcoming videos in January on YOUTUBE!

Honestly it has been our biggest year yet. Personally our family are coming to terms with our Abbey moving into the palliative care stage of her life. You can follow our adventures on our Facebook Page, 365CareAbbey.

I definitely have a lot of projects and commitments, besides being a mum, carer and wife. But these are what make me whole. I cannot wait to show you what I have planned for 2018, a new blog and a new business. Im so excited, but as always, everything must fit in with the needs of my Abbey and family.

Happy New Year


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