hanging cloth nappies, fun

Hanging cloth nappies: 10 ways to make it fun.

hanging cloth nappies, funI hang out alot of washing, including hanging cloth nappies. Sometimes twice a day during illnesses.

There are times I become cranky and frustrated. It can feel like its all I do. Or its my greatest achievement for the day.

I’m a mum. Some days are great, some days are just…well, hard.

When I am confronted with washing, I like to make it fun or less daunting. You cannot get away from it. You cannot put it off. It has to be done.

Here are my top 10 tips to make hanging out the washing…FUN!

1. Buy fun pegs or your favourite type of peg. I love bamboo pegs, so I am slowly replacing my plastic ones as they break. I love the feel. Its soothing.
2. Sing nursery rhymes to your children while they sit at your feet. I use silly voices and actions. Giggles all around!
3. Make up ridiculous stories to amuse yourself or the kids.
4. Listen to your favourite music.
5. Make it a workout. Get the music pumping, put the basket further away and walk fast back and forth. It definitely gets the heart pumping, and you feel great after.
6. Organise all your washing according to clothing article. If you like order, this can be mentally calming.
7. See if you can hang each article of washing with one peg, while maintaining proper care.
8. Make it a time trial. Do it as fast as you can.
9. Do it with someone, and talk. I like to hang the washing out with Dan, we talk and he learns a new skill.
10. Listen to the birds, the cars, the neighbours, the dogs. Just listen.

As a mum, there are so many task we must do that can be a bit of drag. So I like to see if I can change it up and make it fun. Most of the time I succeed.

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Tell me, do you have a ritual to hanging out your washing? How do you make it fun?

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