Going out with cloth nappies : Josephine shares her tips

In the Cloth Nappy Doctor Facebook Group, Josephine shared how easy it is going out with cloth nappies.

“Going out with cloth is totally doable!! Today we went to a nearby zoo for 4 hours and it only required an extra wetbag for the dirty nappies and wipes. I put my toddler’s wet clothes in there as well after a toilet mishap overshoot. (Sooo great he is toilet trained though 🙌🏻😊)
My best tip is have water bottles with you to wet wipes, and nappies made up ready to go. I use mostly prefolds pad folded , microfleece liners and covers. I packed 3 ready to go. Easy. I ❤️ cloth!”

A Funky Fluff Double Pocket wetbag is great for those clean and dirty cloth nappies! 

Have you made the leap to do cloth nappies out and about? What is your one top tip for mums considering?

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