Funky Fluff Bamboo Cloth Nappy: Cloth Nappy Doctor Reviews

The Funky Fluff bamboo cloth nappy is also available in bamboo. Funky Fluff is a huge Canadian brand that has arrived in Australia. Are you ready for it to have prime location your nappy stash!

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What we love about the Funky Fluff stay dry cloth nappy:

  • Slim design in the middle of diaper shell for a trimmer fit through the groin.
  • 2 x 4 rise settings adjust to fit newborn, small, medium and large sizes for babies from 3.1-15.8+ kg. Lots of ways to customise the fit of the cloth nappy.
  • Addition of 2 bamboo soakers. The larger soaker has 6 layers of super thirsty bamboo, while the smaller has 4 layers. Either insert can snap into the shell, providing security through the wet zones.
  • Double row of durable snaps allow separate waist and leg adjustments.
  • Cross over snaps give a great newborn fit and also function as a tidy storage option for soiled cloth nappies on the go.
  • Hip snaps help to prevent “wing droop” and provide a secure fit.
  • Stretchy & soft around legs and waist to help prevent red marks.
  • Extra wide pocket openings in the front and back make it easier to get the soaker in and out. Easier to do the washing.
  • Waterproof strip at the top edge of the diaper provides additional protection against leaks.
  • An outer layer of breathable, waterproof polyurethane laminated polyester (PUL) keeps wetness contained.
  • PUL reinforced snaps create a double layer of PUL on the front of the diaper shell for extra protection.
  • Funky Fluff 3-in-1 cloth nappy is the original diaper designed to be used as an “All-in-1”, “All-in-2” AND “pocket cloth nappy” utilizing our strategic snap-in configurations. We know that choosing the best system for you is impossible unless you have a chance to try them all.
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 Tell me what you love about the Funky Fluff stay dry cloth nappy.
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