Free Money from Cloth Nappies: Dispelling a myth

free money from cloth nappies

“FREE money from Cloth Nappies…I dont believe you” I hear you saying. Well hang in there.

In 2012 I did an analysis of the cost of cloth nappies (dearest and cheapest) compared to the cost of disposables (dearest and cheapest). I found you can save between $1500 to $5000 for one child in cloth nappies.

The analysis included water usage, electricity and allowing for efficient and inefficient washing machines. I don’t include the use of a dryer, as I consider this indulgent. I also included all the extras you need, the wipes, bags and liners. So everything is covered.
In May 2014, it was time to update this analysis. And to my surprise you can save MORE money by using cloth, by at least $500. I also found disposable nappies were cheaper for older children or toilet training, but more expensive for babies between 0-9 months, compared to 2012.
This is showing me that cloth nappies are becoming cheaper and disposables are becoming more expensive.
Disposables have a fantastic advertising budget and there are many misconceptions in the media about how to use cloth nappies. Check out these articles from Mother and Baby, who are supported by the Coles Baby Club on the differences between cloth nappies and disposables. One article is written in 2012 and the other is ‘updated’ in 2014. Dont worry I will be dispelling some of these myths too.
In this day and age it is still surprising how little information there is about cloth nappies in the media, given the financial benefits for new parents. Being a new parent is not just about giving your baby cuddles (as depicted in every Huggies ad) its about making those financial decisions for the future.
If you were to put that $5,000 in a bank account for 3 years, with compound interest at 6%, you would have an extra $1000 at the end that you could use for their school supplies. Free money is always wonderful! Even if you put $2,000 in it would equate to an extra $400.
Dispelling Magic complete. Free money and cloth nappies are cheaper.
Our job is done.
Your cloth doc

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