Four Cow Farm

Four Cow Farm is a great brand that Apikali is fortunate to sell. This brand only uses natural ingredients in their products which have not been tested on animals, instead they’re tested on the owners themselves which provides some reassurance too. For more information about the ingredients please visit

Four Cow Farm have beautiful packaging, so makes a lovely gift for mums or bubs. It was simple yet elegant. However, besides the initial look we realised that the packing was also environmentally friendly which was great to know.

four cow farm

Four Cow Farm offers a great range of products which are affordable, eco-friendly and convenient. It’s always good to know that you will be using a product that is helping to save the environment, and is good for you to use as well.

Apikali currently stocks Four Cow Farm’s ; baby lotion, baby oil, baby wash , Calendula Remedy, Gift Kit and nappy cream.

We have trialled the Baby Wash on Abbey and Ali who have very sensitive skin. The nappy cream is lovely to touch. The Gift Kit is popular as a present for new or expecting parents.

It’s very comforting to know that you will be using a product that is free from any additives or chemicals, which are normally present in other supermarket brands.

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What products have you tried from Four Cow Farm ? If you haven’t why not try one today !


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