Fixing Saggy-bum in Swim Nappies

Have you been to the pool and seen your toddlers swim nappy full of water around their bottom and it looks saggy and uncomfortable?

I call this saggy bum Swim Nappies.

Swim nappies are not designed to act like weight mechanisms that fill up with water around the bottom area and prevent good water flow through the swim nappy.

Saggy bum swim nappies can occur for three reasons:

  • Poor fitting of the swim nappy,
  • Incorrect sizing of a one size swim nappy and/or
  • The legs are not firmly following the pant line.

The Cloth Nappy Doctor takes you visually through how to prevent saggy bum swim nappies with your child in the video below.

Here are my top tips to prevent saggy bum swim nappies.

  1. Ensure for children up to 9 months old, the top of back and front of the swim nappy line up with the belly button.
  2. For older children over 9 months, bring the back of the swim nappy higher above their bottom to ensure a firm fit through the groin.
  3. Ensure the swim nappy is firm around the waist and legs, that is you can fit 2 fingers firmly under the elastics.
  4. Ensure the legs follow the pant line around the leg.
  5. Dont spread the back of a swim nappy out along the bottom.
  6. Ensure you pull up through the groin for a firm fit along the pant line.
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Share with me below any tips you have on preventing saggy bum swim nappies.

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