Ease Dad’s Concerns Using Cloth Nappies

We are speaking to mum here. Sorry dad. But stay tuned, we will be back to support dads who LOVE cloth nappies. And ease dads concerns using cloth nappies.

You have discovered cloth nappies, either through a friend, your mum or wandering around online.
You brought the news home to your partner, who nearly fell over from shock. The excuses started and the concerns are numerous from your partner. Let us help you calm their fears by providing responses for each concern. Lets ease dads concerns about using cloth nappies.
We cant afford that!
The upfront cost of cloth nappies can be daunting, especially from the brands with cute prints. Start small, purchase 3-6 cloth nappies to get started and add to your stash as you save money. Or start with prefolds and covers, where a full time set will set you back about $200.
And don’t forget if you purchase the most expensive brand, you will save at least $1500 over a few years. And if you use them for your next baby, that’s another few thousand. Check our Tennilles (a trained economist) analysis .
They are too hard to use.
Like any new aspect of parenting, it takes a bit of practice. When choosing your cloth nappy, look at brands that have velcro and all in one, such as Tots Bots. Alternatively prefolds and velcro-fastening covers are easy to use, as Dad only needs to place the prefold in the cover and place on baby.
Also consider a sized solution for dads with velcro, rather than one size which can be daunting with all of those snaps on the front. Baby Beehinds all in one is a popular option.
Too much washing, I dont have time.
Washing, what washing?? Having a baby doubles and even triples the amount of washing. Its easy, the nappies are already sitting in the pail, just chuck them in. Hang them over a clothes horse and your done. You have to wash the baby’s clothes and blankets, an extra pail of nappies takes up about half a load. Concentrating on only the nappies, takes away from the other washing that a baby produces and the joy of being with baby.
Its inconvenient.
To help relieve this concern, this again comes down to choosing the right cloth nappy for dad. If the nappy is fiddly, it wont help. Once again, look at prefolds and all in ones to start Dads journey with cloth nappies. Your whole stash does not need to be these, but can assist dads in building their confidence.
Its more time consuming and I cant bond with baby.
Personally I love these concerns as they go together. Once you are well practiced at cloth nappies, they are not time consuming. While you are ‘working it out’, talk to baby about your experiences in trying to get their nappy on them. Laugh, be silly and watch baby look at you with love and the bonding begins.
The poo. 
This is one concern that cannot disappear for anybody. Poo happens to everybody. You can use cloth wipes and liners to assist with clean up.
Now, have we missed any concerns that your partner has expressed? Did we ease dads concerns using cloth nappies? Let us know.
Do you have any alternative responses? Share with us.
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