How to Correctly Size a One Size Cloth Nappy – Front Snapping

Have you been wondering how to correctly size a one size cloth nappy? Especially the front snapping cloth nappies.

Does the fold go up or down?

Should you snap up or down?

There have been some big discussions between partners in some households. We have a very indepth conversation in the Cloth Nappy Doctor Chats group. Which prompted this video on how to correctly size a one size cloth nappy.

I hope you found it as helpful as our community did.

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2 thoughts on “How to Correctly Size a One Size Cloth Nappy – Front Snapping

  1. Thanks for the video, which makes so much sense! Can you also give a bit more clarification around how to know when to snap up to the next (bigger) size? I thought my boy was ready to move up in his GroVia shells but when I did I noticed he was getting rubbing marks on his belly and also it looked too loose around his legs. He is 1 now though and I thought for sure he should move up, but the legs still look like they will be loose. Not sure if the elastic has just gone in the legs maybe. Any guide you can give on where the top of the nappy should sit etc. would be great. Thanks 🙂

    • Hello Amanda,

      Great question. Firstly if you think the elastics are going/gone, then you wont get that great seal around the leg no matter how you size the cover.

      For a little man who is 1 year old, the nappy should sit about 3cm above the bum crack at the back, then pull through the groin and be level between the front and back. Do this first, and see what sort of gap there is in the legs. If you can fit you hand through, then the elastics are going. If the elastics sits loose, not firm, then you need to size it smaller at the front. Keep sizing smaller until you can place 2 fingers comfortably under the elastics around the leg.

      It is also completely normal to move up and down in sizing as your little man grows. He will be starting to loose baby fat and becoming slimmer, so will more than likely go on a smaller sizing. Let me know if that assists!
      Cloth Nappy Doctor

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