Cooking with Kids: Chocolate Crackles

Welcome to a new blog series at Apikali: Cooking with Kids. We are doing this with a twist. We will share how we cook with kids of all different ages. Which jobs do they do during the cooking process. Who has responsibility for what.

Our first experiment was with chocolate crackles. An oldie, but a favourite.

Chocolate crackles are so easy to make, but when I have a 3, 4 and a 7 year old all at the kitchen bench at once, ALL wanting to help, its a bit maddening. Then add in my Abbey, who we work to include in all we do. This is how we did it, how I kept my sanity and had some fun in the process.
Please share how you went? What is a favourite recipe you do with kids?
Tennille, Abbey, Danny, Ali and Nate
chocolate crackles, cooking with kids

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