Cream – what’s safe for cloth?

Cloth nappy safe creams, lets begin!

cloth nappy safe cream

I have a friend who always used to say ‘there’s a cream for that’ although it was often said in jest for entirely inappropriate situations. Nappying, of any sort, sometimes results in sore red little bottoms and there are a multitude of creams/balms that claim to soothe said sore red little bottoms. If you use cloth nappies there is another element to consider when choosing which cream – and that is will this cream reduce the effectiveness of my cloth nappies?

Nappy rash creams based on petroleum based products and with high zinc oxide content tend to be harder to get off cloth nappies using recommended laundering, sticking to the fabric and reducing their ability to absorb moisture.
Cloth nappy safe creams and balms that are based on natural ingredients such as beeswax, shea or cocoa butter or vegetable oils such as olive, jojoba, sunflower, coconut, almond, wheat germ and grapeseed (to name a few!) will break down using recommended laundering without affecting the absorbency of your cloth nappies.
 Some cloth nappy safe creams/balms available in Australia that are safe to use with cloth nappies include:
• Paw Paw ointments that do not contain petrochemicals.
• Beauty and the Bees Botty Butter
• Cornflower based baby powders or other talc free powders such as Little Bairn (not even a cream!)
cloth nappy safe cream
As with choosing a detergent, it is always worth checking with the manufacturer of your cloth nappies to see which ingredients they recommend avoiding when choosing a cloth nappy safe cream/balm so as not to void any warranties. And if in doubt, use a liner biodegradable or reusable, to protect your nappies. It’s probably a good idea to use a liner particularly if using a cream with zinc oxide in it and you need a good layer of it to protect your little one’s skin.
cloth nappy safe cream
It is also worth noting that while some cloth nappy safe cream/balm will not reduce the absorbency of your cloth nappies, they may have ingredients in them that could stain your nappies – purely aesthetics (see here for a review of creams available in the USA and notes on ingredients).
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