Cloth Nappy Dictionary

Here is the dictionary of cloth nappying terms.

All in One also AIO
A cloth nappy that has all of the absorbency sewn into the shell
All in Two also AI2
A cloth nappy that has the absorbency separate to the shell. The absorbency may lay in, snap in or velcro in.
A natural material which is very absorbent. A traditional material used in cloth nappies.
Barrier cream;
Cream applied to bottom and groin area to prevent or heal nappy rash. Best used with a nappy liber to prevent any build up in the nappy.
Inserts that can be composted, while disposable nappies cannot be. They are placed inside a shell or cover.
Added material to increase absorbency.
A cloth nappy that is sewn into the shape of a cloth nappy, but does not have any fastening, like snaps or velcro.
One of the most common materials used for cloth nappies. It is usually paired with Bamboo to increase its stability.
A waterproof covering for cloth nappies with a PUL or TPU lining.
A cloth nappy that has no waterproof covering.
Traditional cloth nappy that need to be folded and placed inside a cover or fastened with a Snappi.
A polyester cover used for night time that helps to keep moisture in.
Front snapping
The wings of the cloth nappy are snapped into place over the belly.
Gusset, single, double, internal
The number of barriers or gussets that are present to help keep solids in.
A natural material for cloth nappies that is not as popular as bamboo.
Hook and Loop
Or called velcro used for closure of nappies or for keeping inserts in place.
A cloth nappy cover that can be used with biodegradable inserts or a reusable insert.
The standard absorbency used for day time. Each nappy comes with an insert.
Lanolin is used waterproof wool soakers for night time use. This is the natural way to cloth nappy with no synthetic materials.
These are used to catch poo and to prevent creams getting on to the cloth nappy fibres. They are desiged as a barrier between nappy and bottom.
A very absorbent material that is synthetic.
A material that assists in wicking moisture away from the skin. It is not absorbent.
The opportunity to hire a range of cloth nappies to trial before you buy.
These nappies are specially size for smaller babies providing a neater and trimmer fit.
Night time nappying
Is all about absorbency, fit and is a case of trial and error.
One Size Fits Most or OSFM
A cloth nappy that generally fits from 4 kg to 16 kg.
Organic cotton
Cotton material that has been produced to environmental and ethical standards.
Pail liners;
Giant sized wet bags to store solied nappies until wash day..
A nappy that has a pocket between the lining and the shell. Inserts are placed inside the pocket.
A man made material used in microfibre and microfleece.
A cloth nappy that is a rectangle divided into thirds, with the central third encompassing more absorbency. Prefolds can be folded or laid into a cover.
Poly Urethane Laminate is a water proofing chemical that is chemically bonded to material.
Is the water proofing cover.
Side snapping
The cloth nappy is fastened up on the sides of the baby and not across the belly.
Snap in
The inserts snap into the nappy shell.
The cloth nappy is sized to fit different stages of babies development, from newborn to toddler.
A device that securely fastens flats, contours and prefolds.
Are used to fasten cloth nappies, size cloth nappies and for inserts.
Attached to the toilet provides a way to spray solids directly into the toilet.
Stay dry
Man-made material that is used to wick moisture away from the skin.
A reusable nappy that can be used in the pool. It assists in keeping solids in.
Thermoplastic polyurethane is heat bonded to the material to make it water proof. It does not used chemicals.
Trim can mean not bulky or trim through the groin area.
A way to fasten cloth nappies.
An essential item to place clean or dirty nappies in when out and about.
Wing droop
When the wings of a cloth nappy drop down making the fit of the nappy awkward.
A cloth nappy cover made from wool which can be lanolised for night time use.
Have I missed any?
Your cloth doc Tennille, Sally and Trudy

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2 thoughts on “Cloth Nappy Dictionary

  1. Pail liners;
    Giant sized wetbags to store solied nappies in until wash day, either just in the bag or libe a bucket or container with the liner.

    Barrier cream;
    Cream applied to bottom and groin area to prevent or heal nappy rash. Some are all natural ie paw paw cream, or not ie sudocrem. Best used with a nappy liber to prevent any build up in the nappy.

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