Cloth Nappy Consults Conducted while in Hospital

Cloth nappy consults can happen anywhere and anytime. The weirdest location so far had been the airport while travelling to an expo. Its always a joy to share the love of cloth nappies and why they are a great choice for parents.

Recently I was glad to beat the last one in unique location with a nappy consult with Ms J, a nurse at LCCH hospital. You see, my Abbey was in hospital for tests before we begin the Compassionate Access Scheme, aka the marijuana trials in Queensland. Its all very exciting to start a new treatment for her. This is not what this blog is about. Its about the love of cloth nappies appearing in some of the worst situations.

Nurse J had started her shift and we did the handover for the next stage of Abbeys care. My girl was very uncomfortable with a lot of seizures. Nurse J was gorgeous and listened to my concerns and suggested plan.

Now at this stage I had switched to my night wear, at 3pm, ready for a very long night with Abbey. I knew there was not chance later to get changed into my PJs. Nurse J came back and asked if we had been admitted before, as she recognised us. It must have been my change into my pilled tracksuit pants and old stretched t-shirt that spark a neuron for her. I advised that we had not been admitted to the new LCCH hospital ward before, but were regulars at the Emergency Department.

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Oh well, she was mistaken and we moved into the next stage of watching and getting ready to treat Abbeys seizures.

Then it happened!!

She recognised the Cloth Nappy Doctor in her PJs.

Does that mean I’m famous? Nurse J had recognised me from our latest live video on Cloth Nappy Doctor Chats with Trudy. It was a little cool, in the current situation.

Then my mind was concerned. Should I spend more time getting ready for my live videos with makeup and outfits instead of wearing what was most handy that day while wrangling 4 kids and a husband? Do I usually look like Im wearing my PJs in our live videos? 

Nurse J has a little one already in nappies and is expecting her second in December. (Maybe a Christmas baby?). We started chatting newborn nappies and which would be best for her baby and her lifestyle. She has one size options, but was wondering about the newborn stage and not wanting to spend alot. The Cloth Nappy Doctor (thats me in ratty PJs) suggested prefolds and covers, that are affordable and useful as boosters after the newborn stage. 

The cloth nappy consult went for a great 15 minutes. We chatted and shared about the love of cloth nappies while those around us were ill or uncomfortable.

Cloth nappies have the basic function of catching wee and poo, but they can provide a sparkling moment in some of the most stressful situations.

Abbey and I had the pleasure of Nurse J’s care and expertise for the full time of her shift. Abbey had a rough few hours with seizures. On a personal level it was wonderful to connect with one of our supporters on a very intimate level.

How cool is this journey we are all on!

Chat soon,

(“Now Officially Famous” Cloth Nappy Doctor)

PS Abbey is fine and well. We are preparing for a new medication for her.

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