A cloth nappy bargain that is good for everyone

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This article had me thinking about the future of cloth nappies in Australia.

In the short time Apikali has been operating, we have seen at least 5 brands shut down or roll back their plans due to the issues mentioned in this article. We have seen some big players lose market share, we have seen other brands speak directly to their ideal parent and grow.

We have also seen the power that the humble dollar has played in our cloth nappy industry. The dollar you spend, the dollar we spend at Apikali has a direct influence on the future. Our business also has a voice.

We all love a bargain, of course. But we are concerned that many parents are buying a bargain with no safety net, no room for support if something goes wrong.

That’s why we, at Apikali, only invest, and it is an investment, in brands that provide us with a safety net when something goes wrong for our parents. Broken snap, we can fix it. Stitching not quite right, we can fix it.

So when your searching for that perfect set of brands for your cloth nappies, consider the following:

– Does the brand have a warranty? How long is it and are you happy with that?

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– Does the brand have insurance? This is your security that if something does go wrong, you will be compensated. So extremely rare, but good to know.

– Are you happy with the materials that have been used? Is the brand honest about its materials?

– Can you ask any question you like of the brand or retailer? Do they support you in making that decision?

If you need an affordable option, we have worked to find those for you at Apikali that have a safety net. And no you dont have to pay over $40 a nappy to get it!!

We demand Aussie Standards on carseats and cots, but for cloth nappies we are willing to sacrifice our parenting instincts for a supposed bargain. If a ‘bargain’ costs you three times as much in the long run, was it really worth it?

What are your thoughts? Your experience?


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