Cloth Nappies with Velcro…They are NOT the enemy!

Velcro, its gets such a bad rap. Its really not that bad. Here are the most common complaints or myths that we hear at Apikali.

1) It doesn’t last long: It dosen’t last long if you don’t look after it. Just like snaps that can break if you use excessive force. Velcro will not last if you don’t use the washing tabs or let gunk and fluff get stuck in the rough part of velcro.
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2) No velcro is good, its all cheap stuff: Umm this one I don’t know, its seems a general myth. There are brands that search high and low for amazing velcro. Not all velcro is made the same. Have you seen what they use in the Army? That’s industrial. But then have you seen what they offer in the cheap craft section of 2 Buck shops? Its not very strong or lasts long. So not all velcro is the same.
3) My child will pull the nappy off and I cant be bothered with that: Wow, this one assumes you can predict the future if you are purchasing your nappies from birth. Not all kids do this, only one of my 4 did, so for me that’s 25% of kids will pull off their velcro nappies. And there are ways around it, using a great pair of pants or not reacting when they do it, as it becomes a game. If you are starting out and there is a brand you love, but your baby is not old enough to use the pincer grip, then don’t let this put you off. One of my kids can pull snap nappies off, and he broke a snap.
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4) Velcro is too noisy and will wake the baby: Absolutely not, its all in the technique. If your baby is going to wake up due to the ‘noise’ of velcro, then they are probably already awake for the nappy change. Our Nate was a light sleeper and woke at the fan being turned off, and we had velcro nappies. We find snaps make more noise as its many times, not twice like velcro nappies. If you are worried about this one, consider getting a nappy where the side tabs are shorter.
So these are extreme generalisations, lets look at why velcro is great and some quick tips.
– Its easier and quicker to put a nappy on and off, especially for Dads.
– Ensure you use the washing tabs.
– If your baby does in time pull the nappy off, you can get a nappy stop device or use pants with an elastic waist band.
– Don’t respond to your child taking their nappy off, just carry on like its a normal thing. Which it is actually, as they are discovering what they can do with their fingers.
– Velcro provides a better fit around the waist, that snap nappies cannot. So if you have a skinny waist baby, velcro fastening is a great option.
– Velcro is great for newborn babies as it is easier to put on, quicker and does not involve snapping a little nappy on a little baby. Snaps can be very fiddly.
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What do you think about velcro? What has been your experience?
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2 thoughts on “Cloth Nappies with Velcro…They are NOT the enemy!

  1. Great article and I agree except I think you should say that velcro should or generally lasts long if you look after it well. I followed all wash, care and use instructions for the velcro on my GroVia shells and they stopped sticking after less than 3 months use! I unpicked all the velcro and replaced it with normal sew on velcro from Spotlight and it is only now starting to lose its stickiness after over 1 year of use because the fluffy side is deteriorating. So, I will be replacing it soon. I think it was more a problem with what the velcro was sticking to with the original as well… Totally agree with all your other points though, which is why I declined the offer from GroVia to replace all my velcro free of charge even though it was out of the warranty period. (Shockingly only 3 months warranty and I bought them a couple of months before my baby was born!)
    Can you shed some light on which velcro nappies you recommend now please? I would love to know if you stock any Australian ones anymore as well. The elastic is starting to lose its elasticity in my shells as well and we will need new shells if we have another baby because I’m not sure if my sewing skills can manage that 😉

  2. Hey Amanda,
    Your comments are spot on. The 3 months warranty on Grovia velcro is a surprise when it is not displayed on the websites. We did bring this to the attention of Grovia a few months ago, and we have not seen them update their warranty pages. When we stocked Grovia, we updated our pages with Grovia velcro products immediately.

    We stock Baby Beehinds, an Australian brand who has velcro closing AIOs, which are sized.

    We are also able to access the Best Bottoms system or Imagine cloth nappies (links below) for you. We are considering these brands at Apikali for 2018.

    We know that Funky Fluff and Bummis have some new products in the pipeline that will use velcro, but does not assist you know. We are eagerly watching and waiting.

    Other velcro brands for OS nappies I would suggest are Pikapu and Issy Bear (if still in production). There has been alot of changes in the industry the past 2 years, which saw us make large business decisions to secure the future of our small business.

    You are welcome to chat further here or via email ( or in our Cloth Nappy Doctor Chats Facebook Group.

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