Cloth Nappies in Summer: 8 Top Tips

top 8 tips to care for your cloth nappies over summerSummer is here. Its hot but also dry or humid, depending upon where you live. Luckily for me, I have lived in hot and dry, and currently live in hot and humid. Here is your Cloth Nappy Drs Top 8 Tips to using cloth nappies in Summer.

1. Red marks around legs or bellies. 
Like mum wearing her best pants that rub in the heat, causing red marks on her belly or buttocks. The same happens for babies and their cloth nappies. Its normal and its O.K. The only time to be concerned is when the remarks do not disappear or become welts.
Tip 1 : Loosen the cloth nappy a little bit. Ensure you can get two fingers comfortably under the elastics at the leg and the belly. If your fingers feel tight, its too tight for baby.
Tip 2: Provide lots of nappy free time to reduce skin irritation. Stay in cool areas and some water play, always helps.
Tip 3: Change your cloth nappies more often to prevent friction between liquids, skin and heat. Also ensure there is enough boosting.
Tip 4: Ensure the elastics of the cloth nappy are placed in the leg creases, and not along the thigh. This can be tricky with those cute thigh rolls. Ensure the cloth nappy follows the underpants line around legs.
2. Cloth nappy is stiff and crunchy. 
This happens because the fibers are dried too quickly. Do you know how your skin feels, when you let it air dry after a shower on a hot day? That slightly tight feeling? It tends to happen more often with hemp and cotton nappies.
Tip 5: Dry your nappy in the shade or inside on a clothes horse.
Tip 6: Crunch your nappies with your hands to loosen the fibres.
3. Heat rash.
We all get it. Its horrible and babies who are chubby can experience it more between their rolls.
Tip 7: Use a powder at each cloth nappy change to help prevent moisture, skin and cloth nappies rubbing. The powder can provide a barrier.
Tip 8: Use a barrier cream more liberally in the affected area like CJs Butter.
Our final Top Tip…Invest in a fabulous nappy free time mat to use during summer.
We use the Close Play Time mat for our Abbey!
Do you have a top tip??
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