Cloth Nappies for Heavy Wetters

day time heavy wetter cloth nappySo I was thinking I should tell you about some solutions that worked for me when I had a baby who not only wet extremely heavy at night but was also a heavy wetter during the day. Lets chat cloth nappies for heavy wetters. The obvious solution is of course to change more often which I would do. But there are times when you are not able to easily change your baby every hour or if you are lucky enough that they take an extended nap what do you do then?

There are a few things you can do in this situation, the first is always the first piece of advice I give when I’m asked this question. Fitted nappies… fitted nappies are wonderful for heavy wetting children because the entire nappy will absorb until it is full before trying to make its way out of the nappy and onto clothing and bedding. They are easy to use but do require a separate cover to stop any damp transference to lounges or laps when bub is awake and beds when bub is asleep.

You could also consider boosting existing nappies. You would not require a lot of boosting for awake periods if you are willing and able to change more often however for extended periods of a couple of hours or more you will need a decent size booster of a very absorbent fabric. Very trim nappies will normally not have enough room to allow for extra boosting so it is best to look for nappies on the slightly larger side in the OSFM (for example Pikapu or Baby Beehinds) or a size larger than normal (for example Baby Beehinds  to allow for the extra boosting necessary. When you have boosted the nappy you need to check carefully for gaps at the legs as this will allow leaking which is what we are trying to avoid to start with. If you have boosted and you have little gaps you can team the nappy with a wool cover (or longies which are adorable) or a fleece cover. You need to choose a good quality fleece however with Windpro or Malden Mills. Sugar Peas make a great Windpro wrap which I still use at night on my three year old son.

Heavy wetting bubs do challenge us a little but there is a solution and it needn’t be difficult or expensive to overcome. Like everything we need to sometimes just be a little more creative in our solutions ☺

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