close organic caboo review

Close Organic Caboo Review

Not long after my husband and I announced our first pregnancy, we were lucky enough to be gifted with a Close Organic Caboo carrier to use when our baby was born. To be honest, if we hadn’t have received it, we probably wouldn’t have worried about buying one. I had always associated carriers with the more hippy, care-free way of parenting and was a little skeptical of the comfort and weight carrying ability of the fabric carriers.

I waited until our son, Stuart, was nearly 4 weeks old before we tried him in the Close Organic Caboo. Up until then, it was easier to leave him in his bassinet while I did the housework as he was a good sleeper during the day. I was also terrified that every time I picked him up I was going to hurt him, so I wanted to wait until he was a little less ‘floppy’ before I tried to maneuver him into the carrier!

close organic caboo review The first attempt was not a success. Our hopeful intentions of going for an early evening walk were unfortunately stalled by a crying, hungry and tired baby who did not want a bar of being wrapped snugly and taken out into the fresh air. Thankfully though, I must have picked the right moment the next day and was able to wear him around the house, hang out some washing and sweep the floor in the space of an hour while he slept. It took some trial and error though to get the positioning of the Close Organic Caboo carrier right and sitting comfortably on my back, but only having one strap to adjust and tighten on each side makes it an easy and quick process.

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Gradually Stuart became used to the carrier, and I loved it because he was able to sleep more during the day, and I wasn’t chained to the couch too terrified to move in case I woke the sleeping beast. We walked around the neighbour-hood, through shopping centres and the carrier was a lifesaver on Stuart’s first plane trip to Victoria – I still had two much needed hands to carry all his paraphernalia and bags through the airport!

close organic caboo review

In those first couple of months I was really thankful that I could easily tuck Stuart’s head into one side of the carrier to support it, and now that he is 4 months old it won’t be long until he is able to completely control his head and can face outwards, hopefully enjoying the new view. I’m also looking forward to the weather here in Brisbane getting cooler, so I can appreciate his snuggles without both of us ending up sweaty messes.

close organic caboo review

We were actually gifted with another 2 carriers from friends before Stuart was born, which I have trialled with various degrees of success. So far, the Close Organic Caboo is the pick of the bunch in terms of comfort and ease of use. I’m interested to see how the carrier holds up as Stuart gets heavier, and I’m looking forward to trying it in the different positions.

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Stay tuned!

Emily and Stuart

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