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CJ’s butter has been around for the past five years, and in this time has produced a fun range of products available. The first time Tennille introduced me to CJ’s butter, I had no idea what to expect. However, once I smelt one of the sample pots – Warm Vanilla Cake, I almost wanted to eat it. It smelt soo good. I was very glad Tennille introduced me to CJ’s Butter.

What does CJ’s Butter Sell?

CJ’s Butter offers an extensive range of products which include; Butter , Sticks, Spritz, Carcass Cleaner ,Boobie Butter, Lip Balm, Creamy Lotion, AP Cleaner and Wooly Wash. I personally have not tried every single product, but of the products I have tried, I would highly recommend this brand. Watch out for a blog on the AP Cleaner from Tennille next week.

cjs butter at apikali

I really enjoyed trying the different sample pots that CJ’s Butter had to offer. There were a lot of scents that smelt divine and left me confused as to which one to use first!  I really enjoyed the sample pots because it left my lips feeling nice, smooth and hydrated, which was good because I didn’t have to reapply it every ten minutes.

Once I had tried the sample pots, I tried the different lip balms. At the moment when you walk down the isle of a supermarket or go to the make-up section of a shop, there is just too much choice to decide on which lip balm to use. However, I wanted one that didn’t leave me with an after taste, smelt good and was made with natural ingredients. So when I tried the lip balm, it ticked all of my boxes.

Now I have only given you a quick review of two of the products that CJ’s Butter has to offer, so I encourage you all to browse through their website and have a look at the options available.

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One really important and convenient aspect of CJ’s Butter is the lively range of scents available. Everyone has their own preference when it comes to scents, and this brand is very good at accommodating for that. For example if you’re after a sweet smell then warm vanilla cake, strawberry cheese cake and sweet orange could be a few. Or if you’re after a neutral or calming smell then – neutral Irish tweed, unscented or oatmeal milk and honey could be a possibility. There are over 30 different scents available, so have fun deciding on which one to choose.

It’s great to know that you will be using natural ingredients which are safe for yourself and the environment too.

So why not purchase a sample pot to try today?

Bronte J

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