Ease Your Mind with these Responses to Friends Objections or Pressues about your choice to use Cloth Nappies

Either you are choosing cloth nappies or your friend has decided and there are some people close to you, who don’t understand why and are providing unnecessary pressures. Here are some responses to many of the objections or pressures we hear about daily at Apikali for you to use.

How do you manage ALL of the washing?

Washing, what washing?? Having a baby doubles and even triples the amount of washing. Its easy, the nappies are already sitting in the pail, just chuck them in. Hang them over a clothes horse and your done. You have to wash the baby’s clothes and blankets, an extra pail of ┬ánappies takes up about half a load. Concentrating on only the nappies, takes away from the other washing that a baby produces and the joy of being with baby. The washing is a secondary concern when choosing cloth nappies, compared to the money you save.

All that money that was spent on your collection, what a waste?

This response by concerned family/friends can really rock your boat. I know I had it when I started and to this day I can physically show how much we have saved. So if someone is judging your budgeting skills, tell them…

Choosing cloth nappies is going to save you money. You can grab a set of really good quality nappies for around $400. Given the cost of disposables, you will realise a saving within the first few months of use. Besides saving yourself money you are investing in minimising your environmental impact and on providing a breathable chemical free nappy for your child. Cloth nappies can also be on sold when you are finished using them, so there is an opportunity to eventually claw back some of the initial outlay! Not to mention the thousands saved in a few years.

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You bought what??? You want to get started? Buy my brand, its the best.

This response comes from an enthusiasm to help you choose a brand that is excellent. But with the range now available, make sure you choose one that suits your ethics, your budget and your needs.

We suggest sticking with your preferences and needs. If you prefer natural material, stay with this and stay away from polyesters or man-made materials. If you love organic cotton, there are many choices available now.

Be Like Me.

Motherhood is a time when we have no idea and we are doing our best. The more you compare yourself to other mothers and their choices, the more likely you will make the choice that is furthermost from your core beliefs.

If you are the only mum in your Mothers Group choosing cloth nappies, love it, share it.

If you are the only mum in your Mothers Group using cloth nappies on weekends, love it, share it.

We consulted with one of our top selling brands to bring you this blog. Jenny from Baby Bare shared her experiences when talking with parents at Expos, her experiences as a young mum with two babies in cloth nappies and mum who brings us a fabulous affordable brand at Apikali.

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Tell us what other response you have had from friends or family. Have they been totally supportive? Have you had to ‘convince’ them of your choice?

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