dear apikali caring for alpaca wool soaker or cover

Caring for Alpaca Wool Covers or Soakers

dear apikali caring for alpaca wool soaker or coverCaring for Alpaca Wool Covers or Soakers can be easier than Merino Wool Soakers. And did you know they are nicer, softer, stronger and are longer lasting than sheep wool?

Alpaca wool is breathable, warmer than sheep wool for winter but cool for summer. How awesome is that??

I have previously shared how to care for merino wool soakers to prepare, wash and lanolise. Lets turn to caring for Alpaca wool soakers.

Prepare/Wash your Alpaca Wool Soaker/Pants

1. Fill a tub with cold water with a wool wash or baby shampoo.
2. Soak for 3 to 5 minutes and gently squeeze water through the soaker. Avoid wringing or twisting the wool soaker to prevent the fibres from felting.
3. Rinse the soaker with cool water until no suds are present. This can take two rinses.
4. Roll up in dry towel and let it rest for 10 minutes.
5. Unroll and place on a new dry towel.
6. Gently the pull the alpaca wool soaker into shape.

7. Leave to dry in a sunny and airy place.

Do I need to lanolise my Alpaca Wool Pants for cloth nappies?

Yes and no.

Unlike Merino wool which is very absorbent, alpaca wool is less so. The fibre has a semi-hollow tube which means its less absorptive and will dry quicker. This means the wool pants are less likely to shrink in the wash. Alpaca wool is less likely and harder to felt than merino wool. So if you accidentally put your alpaca pants through a warm wash and then the dryer, you may be saved by the qualities of alpaca fibre.

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You may wish to lanolise your alpaca soaker for night time use. Lanolising will work the same as for merino wool soakers, but ensure you have an awesome fitted cloth nappy to pair with it.

If you are using the alpaca soakers for day time, then you don’t need to lanolise them. Once the outside feels damp, change your little person. In European countries, they don’t lanolise their wool covers, they ensure that the fitted nappy being used is up to the task of capturing the output.

Just remember, unlike PUL covers or plastic pants, natural materials are not designed to act like a ‘raincoat’ and keep all the moisture in . They are designed to allow amazing breath-ability and therefore a softer bottom. So if there is not enough absorbency in your cloth nappy, there will be leakage.

On a personal note, I LOVE using alpaca wool pants for my Abbey. She is currently 10 years as I write this blog. Its harder to give my girl, nappy free time, so these are an awesome alternative.

AND at Apikali we make our own alpaca soakers. I hand make them and have developed a wool pant pattern that is perfect for todays modern fitted cloth nappies.

Where do we source our alpaca wool?  My parents farm! The alpacas are hand shorn, the fleece is hand washed and the balls are hand spun. How cool is that?

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Then I hand knit each alpaca wool soaker. There are no dyes or colouring, all colours are from naturally from the alpacas.

Have you grabbed yours yet? Tell us your success or challenges using wool soakers, either merino or alpaca.

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