Cloth Nappy Doctor interviews Claire from Jellystone

While travelling around the United States, the Cloth Nappy Doctor visited the ABC Expo in Las Vegas. It was a hoot to meet another Aussie at the expo. Claire is from Jellystone Australia, our favourite range of silicone sensory products. Grab a cuppa and discover the range of Jellystone, new products and new colours now […]

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How to Measure the Rise, Waist and Leg Lengths for Cloth Nappies or Toilet Training Pants

how to measure rise waist and leg length of a cloth nappy

If you are looking at sized cloth nappies or you have started the journey of toilet training, and need toilet training pants, its time to start measuring your child. Here we share how to measure the rise, waist and leg lengths for cloth nappies and toilet training pants. How to Measure the Rise – This […]

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Cloth Nappy Doctor Ask Me Anything May 2017

Join the Cloth Nappy Doctor as she discusses the topic of night time cloth nappies. Learn how to boost your cloth nappies with success! The Cloth Nappy Doctor also introduces the Funky Fluff range to Australia. Join us: Community: Purchase: Read more: Visit us:

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