Basil Pesto from Garden to Garnish – Part One

basil pestoOur Abbey has her special friend who comes every Saturday. One Saturday she turned up with a massive plastic bag full of basil plants there were grown by the residence at the Assistance Home, where she also is everyone’s best friend. The basil plants were freshly dug up that morning and still had their roots and soil attached.

For me, the smell was intoxicating and I did get a little giddy at the sight! But I went into action, immediately.
I grabbed 2 tubs and some gloves. Plus my 3 boys, as there were alot of leaves to pick.
We pulled the basil out of the bag and began to pick leaves. The boys and I talked about their activities at school and smelled the crushed leaves. ┬áTo their excitement we also found some new ‘pets’. A little snail and 3 caterpillars at different stages of becoming butterflies.
basil pesto
Its such a simple activity to grow your own produce and to spend time preparing it for the kitchen. The boys loved the sense of purpose and time with mum.
Watch out for our next installment where we turn the leaves into pesto.

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