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Baby Bare Wetbag: Cloth Nappy Doctor Review

baby bare wetbag reviewLets review the Baby Bare wetbag. Its most practical features and how its set apart from other wetbags on the market. A wetbag is a vital accessory when using cloth nappies and can be your greatest alli when you need a bag for many other uses.


  • The Baby Bare wetbag consists of two wetbags that are detachable from each other.
  • The larger wetbag is approx. 35*40cm. It will hold up to 12 cloth nappies.
  • The smaller wetbag is approx 20*30cm. It will hold up to 8 cloth nappies.
  • Both wetbags have robust zippers in white.
  • A wide handle¬†unsnaps on one side. The handle snaps in place with two snaps. This allows easy attachment to prams or change tables.
  • The pockets are double lined with one layer of PUL and another layer of waterproof material. This is fabulous to prevent leakage and smells from escaping.
  • The material is available in Minky only.

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Check out The Cloth Nappy Doctors review below of the Baby Bare wetbag.

What is the Baby Bare wetbag perfect for?

  • Hanging over change tables or door handles with the wide strap and sturdy snaps.
  • Travelling…store clean cloth nappies in the front pocket and dirty nappies in the large pocket.
  • If you have a baby with stinky nappies, the double lining will help contain these smells when out and about.
  • Going swimming, dry clothes/towel in the front pocket and wet clothes/towels in the large pocket.
  • I love how you receive 2 wetbags in one, as the small wetbag is detachable.
  • A fashion statement with the wide variety of prints that are constantly being renewed.
  • Storing shoes, electrical (I store my ice cream maker in one of these wetbags),
  • Use as a library bag, kindy sheet bag, overnight bag.
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