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Baby Bare Teddy Cloth Nappy: The Cloth Nappy Doctor Reviews

baby bare teddy bare reviewThe Baby Bare Teddy Cloth Nappy is a practical and unique cloth nappy. Many one size nappies that snap down at the front can be difficult to size for a chubby baby or they out grown them earlier than expected. A side snapping cloth nappy that is sized through the wings is perfect for chubby babies, as they can usually last through to toilet training. In this blog we will review the Baby Bare Teddy Cloth Nappy.


  • One size from 5kg to 18+kg
  • Available in Minky or PUL
  • Use for day time or night time with additional boosters.
  • Sizing is achieved through the side wings.
  • Double row of snaps allows you to obtain a firmer fit around the waist.
  • A stay dry top layer to keep moisture away from baby’s bottom.
  • A ~60cm long insert and three layers of 400+gsm bamboo means this cloth nappy is thirsty and absorbency can be customised as required.

The Cloth Nappy Doctor reviews the Baby Bare Teddy Cloth Nappy in the below video.

The Baby Bare Teddy Cloth Nappy is perfect for:

  • Night time or extended naps.
  • Boosting easily for heavy wetters.
  • Folding the insert in half for back or side sleepers.
  • Folding the insert in three at the front for boys or tummy sleepers.
  • Its exclusive prints and colours.
  • Chubby babies to extend right through to toilet training.
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