baby bare ai2 cloth nappy review

Baby Bare AI2 Cloth Nappy: Cloth Nappy Doctor Reviews

baby bare ai2 cloth nappy reviewLets review the Baby Bare AI2 cloth nappy, the most popular selling cloth nappy from their range. This cloth nappy is so popular as its one size, absorbent and comes in a fabulous range of prints.  And those prints change regularly, so you can never delay in grabbing the one you love the best.


  • One size from 3.5 to 16+ kg
  • Available in Minky or PUL
  • 4 size settings to move from newborn to toilet training.
  • The wings will overlap to allow for a customised fit around the waist. Makes fitting skinny waist babies easier.
  • Each cloth nappy comes with two inserts. One is an hour glass with 3 layers of bamboo and a stay dry top. The hour glass insert snaps into the shell. The second insert is a 3 layer bamboo rectangle.
  • You can place the second bamboo insert below or on top of the hour glass insert. Placing underneath provides fabulous boosting, while on top allows you to have natural fibres against baby’s skin.
  • Unique to Baby Bare AI2 cloth nappy is the pocket in the design. The pocket is located at the back of the nappy. Use the pocket to add boosting and to hold it in place for overnight or long car trips.
  • The back of the cloth nappy is elasticated, which helps form a barrier for poonamis.
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The Cloth Nappy Doctor has reviewed the Baby Bare AI2 cloth nappy below.

The Baby Bare AI2 cloth nappy is perfect for:

  • Parents looking for an economical cloth nappy.
  • Using at the newborn stage as you only need to use one insert. There for you can change inserts, saving money. As bub gets older and larger volumes, add the two inserts together.
  • Reusing the shell, so buy extra inserts to save time and money. The inserts take longer to dry compared to the shell, so you can get away with 6 nappies and 24 inserts for a full time stash from newborn. For the more acceptable combination is one shell to two inserts. You can choose.
  • Using the shell on fitted cloth nappies or prefolds.
  • Parents looking for a cloth nappy that is easy to boost for over night.
  • their exclusive range of prints and designs.

Baby Bare also have some wonderful tips in their demonstration video.

I invite you to leave your review below of the Baby Bare AI2 cloth nappy.

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