Ask Me Anything November 2016

Ask the Cloth Nappy Doctor anything in November 2016
0.32 Pikapu AIO
4.23 Pikapu Newborn
5.48 Pikapu Covers
6.48 AI2 and boosters
7.47 Pikapu night time use
9.14 Set of 4 boosters from Pikapu
9.25 Pikapu Accessories
10.15 Comparison of AIO cloth nappies: Pikapu, Tots Bots, Bummis, Baby Bare, Baby Beehinds
15.30 Baby Bare honey pot vs Bummis Dimple Diaper fitted
19.30 Boosting Baby Bare AI2 cloth nappy
25.23 Swim nappies


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