Ask Me Anything November 17 – Sensory

Join the Cloth Nappy Doctor for November Ask Me Anything as she discusses all things related to Sensory for babies and children.

3.00 Sensory seeking
3.20 Not sensory seeking
4.25 Dealing with sensory issues
5.40 Sensory vs the power struggle
7.15 Finding resources, you are not alone
7.54 Nappy changing tips
10.54 Toilet training tips
12.00 Teething toys
16.35 Apikali Tag-a-longs
18.22 Cheeky Chompers Comfort Chews
20.01 Feeding
23.20 Teeth brushing
24.40 Eating
31.11 Bibs
31.25 Bummis reusable pouches
32.33 Swipes reusable wipes
37.32 Flat fold for poo-splosions
41.09 Bummis Food pouches

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