Apikali Cloth Nappy Vision for 2015

Apikali’s Cloth Nappy Vision for 2015
At Apikali we don’t believe cloth nappies are another language, needing lists to understand what all the acronyms mean. Something so simple, should not be so confusing.
We don’t believe there is one cloth nappy for every one. Every baby, parent and family is unique, with differing needs.
We believe cloth nappying can build a great community for parents with a similar vision.
We believe cloth nappying is a great intro for parents into the world of natural parenting, eco living and money savings.
We know that the world of cloth nappying can be really confusing, and sometimes, just down right overwhelming by so many opinions, suggestions and ‘facts’.
apikali cloth nappy trial pack
At Apikali, we personally want the best nappy for you and baby and for any situation.
The cloth nappy we suggest may not be the same as your sisters, or mothers group or friends. Its for you and your baby.
So check out our Nappy Library, our Trial Packs or chat to us.
Tennille, Sally and Trudy

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