All in Two Cloth Nappy Ecourse: Part 4 – Tips and Tricks

1. The golden rule is you need one cover to 3-4 Inserts. Start with 3 and see how you go. Your baby might be a big and constant piddle machine.

2. Rotate 2 Covers through out the day. Hang the cover you are not using over your change table. This only applies if the cover is damp from wee. If the cover is soiled, then you need  new one.

3. You really only need 6-8 covers for full time use or 3-4 for part time use. This gives you enough for the blowouts, washing and drying cycle.

4. Before purchasing consider how you would like to replace your inserts. Do you want 2 snaps at the top of shell (Baby Bare), 4 snaps at each corner (Close), a snap at the top and bottom (Grovia)?

5. If you need ‘cheap, just in case’ inserts, purchase some Prefolds or flats for your emergency. They will fit well in All in Two (AI2) covers, as they are usually wider through the gusset.

6. You can sometimes leave the inserts snapped together to make washing easier and quicker.

Do you have any other tips we can add?


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