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When I started cloth nappies, there was not a thing called wetbags. Or maybe I just did not notice them. Now they are an integral part of cloth nappying. No longer are water resistant or waterproof bags made from that horrible to touch nylon stuff. The stiffness and hardness is no longer around, or the boring dull colours!

Now the humble wetbag is a scientific engineered bag. There is the anti leak, or the water resistant or minky or PUL. Oh the choice is amazing, and then there is the colours available. There is 2 pockets, wet/dry, cotton outer, ahhh it’s starting to sound like the variety of cloth nappies or bras or undies available! But don’t be discouraged, it is much easier to choose.
planetwise wetbag
At the end of the day, a wetbag is all the same design…2 pieces of rectangle fabric sewn together. Your biggest problem is choosing the design and colour or print.
Here are some tips on how to choose a wetbag to suit your needs.
Does it need to be leak proof? For swimming? Then consider Planetwise wetbags as they have a patented stitching that is leak proof.
Is it just for cloth nappies? Well any larger wetbag will suffice. Baby Bare does a 2 pocket variety or there is the single pocket of Baby Beehinds.
Is it for cloth wipes? Then you need a smaller bag that has one or 2 pockets. Again look at Planetwise or Swipes.
Do you need a section that is for dry and wet items? Maybe you need it for mama cloth where you dont want to put the two together. Again there are a few options available, including Planetwise.
wetbags rock!
Your last job is to choose your colour or print. Much easier I must say!
Here are some tips when using your wetbag.
1) Don’t put really wet items in if it is not leak proof. Wetbags are water resistant, not waterproof.
2) Don’t leave items in there for days, they will go moldy from the wetness.
3) Wetbags will contain smells for short period, but if you leave that pooey nappy in there for a long time, you may pass out when opening the bag.
So wetbags also have heaps of uses. But this is another blog topic for you!
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