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A change mat is such a usual item for babies, but also mums. Years ago a change mat use to be a peice of plastic or an old cotton terry. Now they come in minky, organic cottons, water proof or breathable. Not to mention a whole heap of different sizes.

At Apikali we have a range of change mats to suit your needs. Here is a little list to help you make an easier decision.
Planetwise change mat – made with a layer of cotton on top and microfleece on the bottom. They are breathable and fit perfectly in a Nappy Bag. They are smaller as they are designed to fit in hand bags or easily transported around the home to make any surface protected during a nappy change.
Baby Beehinds change mat – is a top layer of super soft minky and a waterproof PUL backing. The other side is an organic cotton velour. So during the day you can use one side, if baby makes a little accident, you can quickly turn it over and use the other side. These change mats are also visually stimulating and tactfully lovely for babies.
Baby Bare change mat – This is a large change mat compared to any of the others we stock at Apikali. It has one layer of PUL and a water proof backing. Even though it is bigger, it will fold up into a small rectangle for the Nappy Bag.
Kangacare change mat – This change mat is similar to the Baby Bare change mat with a PUL top layer, but has a microfleece backing. One side is wipeable PUL while the other side is soft.
Close change mat – The Free and Dri Mat is a beautiful changemat. It comes with a gentle harness to stock a baby rolling over inthe early days. It is not used as a safety feature, but to help with nappy free time on the floor. One side is a wipeable PUL and the other is a very soft Close minky.
Here is a video of all of our change mats at Apikali.
We have also produced a video showing how to use the Close Free and Dri Mat.
There are lots of uses for change mats besides for nappy changes. Here is a list we have began:
1) Nursing mat in bed.
2) Post partum mat for protection of furniture.
3) Naughty mat
4) Toilet training protection mat.
5) Place mat
6) Nappy free time mat
7) Dolly blanket
What else do you use your change mat for?
Your cloth doc

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