All in One cloth nappies: Part 4 – Tips and Tricks

So what do you like most about All in One (AIO) cloth nappies? That there is no stuffing or snapping, that they dry quickly? Here is a list of tips and tricks to make them work harder/easier for you.

1) To increase absorbency add a bamboo Boosters or microfibre insert under the tongue.

2) They are a great out and about nappy as you can roll them up in a ball and put in your wetbag. No needing to un-stuff.

3) These nappies are the most dad and grandparent friendly.

4) Add a fleece liner to provide a stay dry surface for over night.

5) To clean without touching the tongue with solids, tilt the nappy to the side to get ‘under’ the tongue.

6) AIO are now great for cold or humid area, this can help with your slower drying times.

7) If you have a tummy sleeper or a boy, consider putting folding the tongue in half and keeping at the front of the AIO cloth nappy.

Do you have any other tips? Something that you just love about AIOs?

Since I discovered the improved design, AIOs have become a part of my stash for going out or when I need a quick change.

Thanks for joining me for the AIO Cloth Nappies 101 journey.  I hope it helped you make some decisions about your cloth nappy choice.

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